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Discover our reportages and videos interviews shot on French and international shows

At B.A.M.G Communication, we handle the visual and cultural communication for your business

In today’s complicated world, you need a clear, concise message to develop your brand and build a strong, modern identity. At B.A.M.G.Communication, we are passionate about the world of images and skilled at using them to convey your message.  We are a  diverse group of artists and professionals  coming from different cultures and backgrounds and we can help you integrate your message  within the codes and customs of a particular market and country.

We can work with you in France or in the US or wherever you are. Our two offices in Paris and Los Angeles are ready to assist you 24/7.

We are big enough to handle any project yet small enough to maintain a convivial and personal relationship with our clients. We  take pride in probing your needs, fulfilling your desires and keeping costs down. We will do our best to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Contact us for all your communication projects : corporate videos, commercials, graphic design, photography and websites.


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